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Technical University in Zvolen
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Slovak Physical Society
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Department of Wooden Constructions
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13th International Conference „Material – Acoustics – Place 2018“

September 12 – 14, 2018
Zvolen, Slovakia




Material – Acoustics – Place (MAP)

The main aim of the conference is to exchange theoretical and practical knowledge from various fields of acoustics focusing mainly on the properties of special wood products, building materials and the current issues connected with noise and vibrations and their impact on humans as well as on the environment. Participants will get information concerning the current state of the art in the field in question and information about proposed or implemented solutions to problems emerging from practice in above mentioned fields. As the participants are university teachers, scientists and representatives of practice obtained knowledge will be implemented into the teaching process and will find its application while solving research problems, or will be used in the practice. International aspect of the conference is a good presumption for establishing a closer cooperation in science and research.

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Predbežný program konferencie MAP 2017

Conference Fee and Account

Member of SKAS, EAA …………………
Other participant …………………………
Student ……………………………………….
Lecture and company promotion …..
60 EUR
70 EUR
35 EUR
150 EUR



Univerzitná vedeckotechnická spoločnosť
Technická univerzita vo Zvolene
T. G. Masaryka 24
SK – 960 53 Zvolen
IČO: 35986433
DIČ: 2021433425

Číslo účtu (IBAN): SK5709000000000071635417
Peňažný ústav: Slovenská sporiteľňa, a. s. Mestská pobočka Zvolen
Variabilný symbol: 512
správa pre adresáta, prosíme uviesť: Meno + MAP 2018

Account number for foreign participant (IBAN): SK5709000000000071635417
message to recipient, please write: Your Name + MAP 2018

Accommodation & Lunches in the University Canteen

University Residence ………. 12 – 18 EUR / a night (cash payment at registration)

Lunch and refreshment during breaks are covered by the Conference Fee

 Ubytovacie a stravovacie zariadenie BARINY, Študentská ul. 27, Zvolen (Slovakia)

 Location Map

Convention Venue

Technical University in Zvolen
T.G. Masaryka 24
SK – 960 53 Zvolen

 Location Map

Main Conference Topics

1) Acoustics as a instrument to investigating of facilities of woods and materials
2) Musical and physiological acoustics
3) Architectural acoustics and building acoustics
4) Noise and it´s influence on human and environment
5) The application of acoustics in education
6) Properties of materials (acoustical, soundproofing, fire protection)
7) Historic pipe organs
8) Low Energy Timber Structures

Registration Form

The application form should be sent by 31 July 2018 !

Anna Danihelová
KPO, DF, Technická univerzita vo Zvolene
T.G. Masaryka 24
SK – 960 53 Zvolen

culik [at]

Please download the file (document Word or Acrobat) and fill the fields for registration on conference:

Scientific Papers in Peer-reviewed Proceedings & Book of Abstracts

USB Proceedings ….. 10 EUR


English, Slovak, Czech, Polish

 Important Dates (Deadlines/Termíny)

Deadline for sending Registration form: 31 August 2018
Deadline for submission of paper to Peer-reviewed Proceedings: 31 August 2018
Deadline for submission of Abstract: 31 august 2018

Instruction for Authors (ENG)

The text of contribution should be sent by post on CD to Contact address or via email to:  culik [at]
Written in Microsoft Office WORD (author.doc; author.docx), A4 size with side Margins top – 30 mm, bottom – 35 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 25 mm; Binding: 0 cm, from the side: Heading – 1 cm and Footnote – 2 cm.

Please download the correct templates for writing your conference Abstract and paper for Peer-reviewed Proceedings 2018:

Inštrukcie pre autorov (SVK)

Text príspevku napísany v Microsoft Office Word (autor.doc; autor.docx) je potrebné zaslať buď na CD poštou na kontaktnú adresu alebo elektronickou poštou na email: culik [zavináč]
Formát strany A4 s okrajmi hore=30 mm, dole=35 mm, naľavo=25 a napravo=25 mm; záhlavie 1 cm a zápätie 2 cm.

Šablóna formy príspevkov do Zborníka abstraktov konferencie a článku do Vedeckého recenzovaného zborníka 2016 sú na stiahnutie, prosím riaďte sa podľa nich:



Organizing Committee

  • Martin Čulík (Head Organizer)
  • Anna Danihelová (General Chairman)
  • Tomáš Gergeľ
  • Stanislav Jochim
  • Miroslav Němec
  • Vojtěch Ondrejka
  • Jana Gordanová
  • Patrik Sčensný
  • Miroslav Chovan
  • Zuzana Danihelová

Scientific Committee

  • Martin Čulík (SK)
  • Anna Danihelová (SK)
  • Miroslav Badida (SK)
  • Jana Dolejší (CZ)
  • Milan Drahoš (SK)
  • Grzegorz Dudarski (PL)
  • Christ Glorieux (BE)
  • Peter Hockicko (SK)
  • Pavel Koštial (CZ)
  • Miloš Kvarčák (CZ)
  • Marek Rybakowski (PL)
  • Monika Rychtáriková (BE)
  • Václav Syrový (CZ)
  • Jozef Štefko (SK)
  • Stanislav Žiaran (SK)

Contact Address

 Contact Us

Book of Abstracts

 Book of Abstracts Material – Acoustics – Place


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